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Indian Institute of Secondary Education (IISE) was legally established by Hyderabad Educational & Research Centre (Registered as 1787/2004 by Govt. of A.P, India.) The Institution has clear vision and aims at imparting Education and providing an opportunity to the school drop outs and to such students who are otherwise busy in their own life style and could not have an opportunity to attend regular schooling at their tender age but having a desire to learn to be educated at least to the level of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education.

The idea and concept of providing an opportunity to them is to make learn the education at least to the level of Secondary and Senior Secondary, which is very much essential to stand in the developing society and deal in the better way in the respective fields of works, business and professions in which they are already engaged by learning English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, National Language, which are much helpful to them.

The efforts of this Institution is also to impart education so has to enable the students to feel educated and to avail the job opportunities in private sectors who ever recognize our efforts and the ability of the students.

In accordance with National Education Policy (1986) of Govt. of India this Institution aims to impart education to those who are unable to come out their busy schedules and unable to attend the regular classes, by way of correspondence learning.

This Institution provides education to desired students in Engineering & Technical, Para-Medical and also Secondary, Senior Secondary courses only with English as medium of instructions and it also refers books on all selected subjects and provides study material in respect of the said courses.